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One of the most important aspects of creating a successful franchise operation is the training and support you receive from your franchise partners. At RAMMP, we ensure all of our franchisees are surrounded with ongoing support as they grow and build their business. And with over 100 years of restaurant, retail and consumer good experience from the RAMMP management team, franchisees can be confident they are being backed by the best in the industry.

Our success is built on the strength and commitment of the partnership between the franchisees and the RAMMP team. With an established track record of successful restaurant leadership, 360 degree development and operational guidance, comprehensive training programs, and our branded advertising and marketing expertise we are confident that together we have what it takes to RAMMP up your success!

ongoing support between RAMMP and franchisees

Owning my very own Mr. Mikes and being a franchisee hasn’t been as challenging as I thought it would be… thanks to the never-ending support and resources from RAMMP.

– Tina Gonzalez, Mr. Mikes Franchisee since 2017

As a partner with RAMMP, you can expect to receive and benefit from the following support services:

  • Site Selection
    • The success of the restaurant begins with choosing the best possible location. We choose the right site for you based on a set of criteria such as traffic counts, trade area analysis, demographic studies and more.
  • Franchisee Training Programs
    • After you have been approved as an owner/operator and prior to opening your restaurant, the training begins. During this period, you will gain in-depth, hands-on experience in all basic functions of restaurant operations.
  • Onsite Training and Opening assistance
    • We’ll help you with any opening assistance and onsite training you’ll need prior to your grand opening, including training new staff, training new operators, supervising the opening of the restaurant to ensure excellence in customer service, and more.
  • Corporate Branding and Development Strategies
    • As established brands, our franchises have corporate branding and development strategies already in place that will aid in the marketing of your restaurant.
  • Restaurant Design
    • A complete set of interior and exterior design drawings is produced by our contracted designer. Our newest image is applied to both the exterior and interior design of our restaurants.
  • Development and Construction
    • RAMMP has taken many of the problems out of the start up phase of development by assisting the franchisee in overseeing the construction of the restaurant. After blueprints, engineering and mechanical drawings have been prepared, the plans are sent out to tender. RAMMP uses various qualified trades people who are competitive and competent in their fields.
  • Advertising and Marketing
    • Our Marketing Professionals will be happy to work with you in the layout design and execution of any of your Local Store Marketing initiatives. Working together with our Marketing Department enables you to best target your customer base.
  • Financing Assistance
    • All restaurant locations use an approved Point of Sale system. Additional programs – such as ‘Cloud’ based CTUIT RADAR, pulls all restaurant sales and financial information into one portal with access to it from anywhere 24/7.
  • Cost and Quality Control Programs
    • The Head Office is continuously conducting detailed menu mixes, reviewing the menus and adapting the prices and content, to ensure that the proper financial equation is achieved.
  • Staff Recruitment Assistance
    • We’ll help you get the right people on your team! We’ll assist with interviews, recruiting, hiring new staff, and much more.
  • Ongoing Operational Support
    • The Operations Team visits all locations regularly. Its role is to evaluate your business to ensure that proper Franchise Operating Procedures and Standards are maintained, and to assist you in the performance of your business by offering suggestions and giving advice on your operations.
  • Ongoing Menu Development
    • To keep abreast of new ideas in the food industry and to meet the demands of an ever changing market, we constantly work on developing and testing new products and reformulating existing recipes.
  • Comprehensive Franchisee Training Programs
    • Probably the most important aspect of a successful franchise operation is your training. Our training system has been developed and expanded over the years and provides solid, intensive training on all aspects of opening your restaurant.

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