About Us

Our Culture

At RAMMP we believe that company culture starts with creating an environment centered on living our corporate values day to day in all of our actions.

Our approach is built on open, honest, and transparent communication augmented by trust and a belief in the power of the individual operating within a dynamic team. Our attitude is to work hard and play hard and treat all of our stakeholders with respect. We believe that each individual has the potential to bring value and a positive contribution to both the company and the communities in which we live and operate.

At RAMMP we hold tightly to the testament of values in action because we believe that strong corporate culture leads to powerful individual action and ultimately to great corporate success.

At RAMMP we believe in winning together.

group of smiling teammates

Our Mission

To be the best foodservice company in Canada by selecting, training, & providing systems that help franchisees be profitable and focused on providing their guests the best in class guest experience within their community.

RAMMP Brand Manifesto

we are Quality. Our approach centers around respect, honesty, and profitability for all. we are Experienced. Our brands are well-supported by our leadership, systems, and practices. we are Strong. Our success is built on the strength and commitment of our partnerships.

And, together, we all Win.

Our Values


We respect everyone we work with and communicate to our stakeholders on a regular basis


We are accountable to ourselves and to others


We work hard, but have fun doing it


We are about growing and innovating


We are about making profits for our franchisees and ourselves

The History of RAMMP

Brand History