Your mental health is just as, if not more important than your physical health. Discussion of Mental Health have increased along with research and interest across the globe. Companies are dedicated more dollars to keeping their employees healthy and happy, with benefits like gym memberships and more time off. But maintaining a positive work life balance does not come easy for some. If this sounds like you, read on to find some tips to encourage a better work/life balance.

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Prioritize and schedule your time

The fact is, there are 24 hours in a day and you most likely will not get to everything on that to-do list. The key is to prioritize your time with the things that are most important to you and to your company. Schedule a time for the most important things and adhere to this schedule. Nothing feels better than crossing those things off the list!

Find time for yourself

When outside of work, you have your family to take care of, the dog to walk, the client to respond to, etc. Sometimes it seems like you won’t even have the time to just sit down. For long-term mental stability it is so important to unplug and take time for yourself. Do something that you love whether that is reading a book, watching a tv show, or whatever is your interest.

Play to your strengths

When are you most productive? Is it after that first cup of coffee (or five)? Schedule the most important and most tasking things on your to-do list for this time.

Be realistic

Coming back to scheduling, realize that some days won’t go as planned. Improvise and keep a positive attitude about each day and the work you have accomplished. Understand the different factors that play into each day and what might hinder you from accomplishing all of your goals.


Take care of your body

Mental Health also works from the outside in. Make time to keep your body healthy, go on a run, take a yoga class, whatever form of exercise you find works for you.

Take a break

Every once and again, take a break. We all need to take the time to check in with ourselves and see how we are feeling. Has something frustrated us throughout the day? Walking away from the situation will ease your mind and you will get back feeling much better and more productive.

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