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Roovillage Marketing Campaign

Complete Marketing Campaign

Complete rebranding & marketing campaign for child-care placement service

Client: Roovillage

Date: December 2017*

Skills: Ideation & Creation, Logo Redesign, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

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This project the final project for my Digital Imagery in Web Design course from the University of Florida. We had a real client who was looking to rebrand their company, Roovillage. This company offers a unique service - they match parents who need drop-in child care with facilities that have open spots.

This project began with a logo redesign. The company did want to keep some sort of kangaroo, which makes sense given their name, but it needed more action! After all, their company is about being on the go. They also have a fantastic color scheme, so I decided to continue using that. Full branding styles are also included in the kit.

Pieces of this marketing campaign were designed in using Photoshop and InDesign and each piece was mocked up to allow the client to see what it would really look like. Recommendations for social media usage and website updates were also suggested.

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