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Nonprofit Brochure

Brochure Layout for Nonprofit

Ten-page brochure for local nonprofit organization

Client: Local Nonprofit Organization

Date: June 2017

Skills: Ideation & Creation, Layout, InDesign

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This project was the mid-semester project for my Digital Media Design and Layout course at the University of Florida. We selected a real, nonprofit organization and created a brochure. If this nonprofit was going to a new potential partner, they could bring this brochure with them so their potential partner could learn more about the organization.It could also be a quarterly or yearly type of brochure where members receive updates on the happenings.

This nonprofit primarily uses red and black, but has a nice website where they feature an additional color: yellow. Gray was added as a balancing neutral. Images used are either royalty-free, or come from the organization itself. Layouts were assembled using InDesign. Each page and layout was crafted with purpose and the variance creates enough energy to keep the reader interested, while not being so busy that the reader cannot focus.

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