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Logo designs for emerging photography company specializing in wedding photography

Client: Fictional Company - Campbell Photography

Date: June 2017

Skills: Ideation & Creation, Branding, Logo Design, Illustrator, InDesign

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This project was the mid-semester project for my Corporate and Brand Identity on the Web course from the University of Florida. We were given a client brief and had to propose three distinctly different logos for the client. My client was Campbell Photography.

This client was mainly a wedding photographer, but was hoping to expand in the future. They needed a solid logo that could be used on a variety of products, but also a nice watermark to use over their images that they post on the web. In crafting "Hexagons" and "Heartstruck," I feel like I captured the very feminine side of weddings, but with "Peacock," I captured a bit more of the client's personality.Each design was crafted in Illustrator, with the final package built using InDesign.

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