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Avanti Branding Kit

Branding Kit

Branding kit for technology startup company specializing in mobile app production

Client: Technology Startup Company Specializing in Mobile App Production

Date: August 2017

Skills: Ideation & Creation, Logo Design, Branding, Illustrator, InDesign

Awards: This project was selected to be featured on the University of Florida's WDOC Showcase Site.

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This project was the final project for my Corporate and Brand Identity on the Web course from the University of Florida. We were given a fictional client brief for a fictional technology startup company that specializes in creation mobile apps. This company wanted their name to be catchy and hip, while able to last over time and allow for service expansion.

Once I settled on the name "Avanti," which means moving forward in Italian, I created a logo. The arrow emphasizes the "moving forward" aspect of the company. Then, I selected the dark blue and lime green colors. These colors create a youthful, energetic feel.

The company requested a business card, letterhead, a favicon, and a sample of what their homepage might look like. Also included is a full style guide complete with identity guidelines.

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